How Tie Dye Tees Are Made

Tie Dye Preparation

To start the tie-dye process, a plain white tee is selected as the canvas. The fabric is pre-washed to remove any sizing or contaminants that might interfere with the dye absorption.

Folding and Binding

The magic of tie-dye begins with folding and binding the fabric. There are various techniques, such as spiral, crumple, or accordion folds, that create different patterns when dyed. Once the folding is complete, rubber bands or strings are used to secure the folds in place.

Dye Application:

This is where the real fun begins! Different colors of dye are applied to different sections of the folded fabric. At, we use high-quality, vibrant dyes that penetrate the fabric, ensuring long-lasting and vivid colors.

Setting the Dye

After applying the dye, the tee is wrapped in plastic or covered with a plastic bag to keep it moist. This allows the dye to set and develop its vibrant hues. The tee is left to sit for a specified period, usually 6-24 hours.

Rinsing and Unveiling

Once the dye has set, the tee is carefully rinsed to remove excess dye. As the fabric unfolds, the beautiful tie-dye pattern is revealed, and the tee is washed and dried to set the colors permanently.

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